Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycle is one of the most energy efficient way to travel. They’re great for commuters, allowing you to do little work on the way to your job, and if you want you can pedal your heart out on the way home.

Electric bicycle can be also great for touring, giving you a break on some of those long inclines. You’ll still be pedaling but that little battery attachment on the back will be doing the work for you. With the majority of the world becoming more economically and environmentally conscious, it’s no wonder the electric bicycles has become a growing success.

The Electric Bicycle Worldwide Reports estimated that 1 million electric bicycles will be sold in Europe in 2010, while 300,000 are projected to be sold in the United States. Besides the creation of the battery itself, electric bicycle is considered a zero emission vehicle and yes, they are considered by some municipalities as a vehicle! Be aware of your local laws when operating an electric bicycle, as some laws state maximum speed restrictions, as well as helmet requirements. Check out these rules of cycling.

Did you know…?

Electric Bicycle

Did you know that the earliest American patent for an electric bicycle was filed in 1895?

Theoretical studies for an electric bicycle had already begun in the 1880s and in December 1985, Ogden Bolton Jr filed the first U.S patent for an electric bicycle.

Although it had no gears, his foresight and technical brilliance was very amazing considering the limited technology available to him at the time!

Selected Electric Bicycle Manufacturers

Here is a list of our recommended electric motorized bicycle manufacturers:

Buy an Electric Bicycle Online

As in almost every product, you can buy your new electric bicycle in a real store, or buy it online. Now-a-days, almost every bicycle store will offer you, along with many other types of bicycles, a wide variety of electric bicycles. Take a look:

Electric Bicycles on eBay

Books About Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycle

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Build An Electric Bicycle By Yourself

There are a variety of electric bicycles styles out there, and it’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs and own cycling style best. But perhaps you already have a bike that you love, you just want it to be easier for riding up hill. From the best folding bikes to a city bicycle, electric bikes are crossing the span of our favorite two wheeled vehicles. They’re available as either:

  • “Power on demand”, where you activate the motor using a throttle mounted on the handlebars of your bicycle
  • Pedelec (pedal electric), or electric assist, where you run the motor by pedaling. A sensor detects your pedaling speed and force and an electric controller provides for manual or automatic adjustment of your speed.

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

There are a number of manufacturers out there who offer an electric bike setup kit. All you need to know is how to take off your back tire and you can make your favorite bicycle into an electric one! They use lead-acid, NiCd, NiMH or Li-ion battery packs in an easy to install conversion kit. Our recommended manufacturers include those by BionX, eZee, EcoSpeed and Crystalyte.

So whether you set up your own or buy a new one, you’ll be cruising the streets much easier in no time. Hills, long treks and sore legs will no longer keep you from making a bicycle your new mode of transportation.

Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycle