Hybrid Bicycles
Hybrid Bicycles
Hybrid Bicycles

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As the name implies, hybrid bicycles are a combination of two different bikes – usually road bikes and mountain bikes. However, cyclo-cross, city, and comfort bikes also fit under this category. As a general-purpose bike, the hybrid can be used for cruising comfortably over a variety of different surfaces: from asphalt to narrow dirt paths. Because of its versatility, the hybrid bike is quite popular with people who can only afford one bike, but who like to do different sorts of riding.

Hybrid Bicycles – The Perfect Blend?

You might wonder why one would even bother combining road and mountain bikes?

This bike became popular because it combines the best of two worlds: It fusing the sturdiness of mountain bikes with the speed of road bikes!

The hybrid is using a mountain bicycle frames, it also borrows the triple bicycle crank for maximum gear choices, straight bicycle handlebars for upright posture, and cantilever or disk bicycle brakes for fast braking action.

For speed, hybrid bicycles has slimmer tires with less tread and more air pressure. This creates less rolling resistance, and consequently makes for a faster ride. To save weight, the hybrid also uses less bulky bicycle wheels that would normally be found on a mountain bike.

What is the Right Hybrid Bicycles For You?

Because of the popularity of this style of bike, you should have no problem finding a hybrid bike. Evaluate your needs and choose the right bike accordingly. Remember, knowing what you are looking for before you go shopping will lead to greater success.

For Speed

For Comfort

  • Steel or carbon bicycle frames (metals that absorb road vibration)
  • Wider bicycle tires with lower air pressure
  • Stem and bicycle handlebars that allow for a more upright position – this will be easier on your back and wrists
  • Three chain rings in the front, for the widest selection of gears

Tip: Hybrid bicycles are a great choice for your first bicycle


If you’re just starting to pick up cycling as a hobby, a hybrid bicycle is a great choice.

You definitely don’t want to shell out a whole lot of money for a professional-grade mountain bike and later discover that you really only want a bicycle for commuting.

A hybrid bicycle is great for everyday use, but is also capable of tackling some off-road trails. It’s a great chance for you to try mountain biking without having to make a huge financial investment.

Accessories For Hybrid Bicycles

To add to the practicality of the bike you choose, you may want to consider some of these additions:

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