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Mountain bikes are the monster trucks of the bicycle world. Nothing feels better than getting out into the wilderness, flying down cut paths and seeing what you’re truly made of.

Bouncing over roots, rocks and fallen trees requires a lot of performance ability from your mountain bicycle. There’s no point in being careful with a bike that was meant to charge around mountains. With comfortable suspension and responsive brakes mountain bicycles are the hardy cross country cyclists have come to depend on to get them quickly, safely and agilely from point A to point B.

Types of Mountain Bicycles

Choosing a mountain bike isn’t as simple as grabbing the meanest looking one at the shop. There a different styles of mountain bicycles for different riding types and skills. Take a look at these mountain bikes:

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Mountain Bikes: 29er-Mountain Bikes
Mountain Bikes: Cross Country Mountain Bikes
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Hard Tail Mountain Bicycles

Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

If you’re new to mountain biking we recommend checking out a hard tail, or front suspension only bike. These great all mountain bicycles offer front suspension, but are easier to maneuver and ride uphill than a dual or full suspension mountain bike. They’re usually lighter as well, making it easier to transport them over fallen trees or creeks.

If you’re not going for down hill biking, then this is your bike! Hard tail mountain bicycles come with either disk brakes or rim brakes and it’s up to you what you prefer. We recommend disk brakes if you’re going to be doing more challenging mountain riding. Choose a bike with as many bicycle gears as you want, and look for ones that would be easy to change while gripping the handlebars.

Full Suspension Mountain Bicycles

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full suspension mountainbikes are essential for downhill mountain biking. The suspension allows for shock absorption when hitting steep trails, drops, jumps or features. Make sure your downhill bike fits you like a glove.

Something, too big will be more difficult to maneuver while something too small will be uncomfortable. I recommend disk brakes for full suspension mountain bicycles, as well as easy access bicycle gears, gripping bicycle pedals and bicycle handlebars. Full suspension mountain bicycles are generally the most expensive out there and you are usually paying both for the brand and the high quality parts on it. Freeride, dirt jumping and trail bikes also fall into this category.

The Perfect Blend

If you’re looking for the perfect blend between a cross country mountain bikes and dual suspension bike a trail bike is great. Offering full suspension these bikes are easier on the body when trekking, though can be more work to pedal.

Mountain Bikes Makers

There are a host of mountain bike manufacturers out there. We definitely recommend getting a good quality bike if you’re looking to use it often on trails and track. Unfortunately many department store bikes are not made out of high standard materials and you’ll find yourself in and out of the shop more often than on the mountain. Good bicycle brakes and gear systems, bicycle pedals and strong frame materials are a must for mountain biking. These are my recommended mountain bicycles manufacturers:

Final Word About Mountain Bicycles

Did you know…?

Mountain Bikes

Did you know that the flat and wide handlebars of mountain bicycles put less stress on the rider’s body?

These handlebars allow the rider to open his chest a little more for easier breathing and requires less steering force from him because they provide more leverage.

There is no freer feeling than being out with a group of friends on bicycling tours, exploring backcountry trails and challenging yourself on track obstacles.

Finding a bike that fits you will help you optimize your mountain bicycling experience and make riding altogether easier for you. Mountain biking is an excellent form of biking exercise as well. A few weeks out there on the trails and you’ll feel the difference in your legs. Plus, it’s so much fun!

Other Types Of Mountain Bikes

29er Mountain Bikes – The 29er mountain bikes are relatively new trend. If you are riding a mountain bike for many years, you are probably riding a 26er bicycle.

Cross Country Mountain Bikes – Cross country mountain bikes offer riders an exciting way to gain useful new skills and also experience more of the landscape that keeps us wanting more.

Downhill Mountain Bikes – Downhill Mountain Bikes will give you a huge adrenaline rush, but can also be quite dangerous without the right equipment. Choose a quality downhill bike with durable parts for a reliable package that will have you yelling for joy in no time

Freeride Mountain Bikes – Extreme mountain bike riding can be effortless if you have freeride mountain bikes.

Where to Buy Mountain Bikes?

If you are interested in buying mountain bikes, you can always buy them at your local bicycle store, however there is another alternative: you can buy mountain bikes at one of these trusted online stores:

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