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When you see so many bikers on the streets or on the trails that are wearing biking jerseys, you probably ask yourself, “why should I spend money on biking jerseys? The bike itself will cost me enough, and I can just wear a T-shirt while I ride!”

Did you know…?

Cycling Jerseys

Did you know that wearing tighter jerseys will help you go faster on your bicycle? Have you ever wondered why all professional cyclists wear such skin-tight clothes from head to toe? A baggy, loose shirt generates far more air resistance than a tight, streamlined one.

It’s a simple matter of aerodynamics

Why Wearing Cycling Jersey?

While I was quickly convinced to buy and wear bicycling shorts, for a long time, I was also very skeptical about the need to wear special bicycling jerseys while riding my mountain bike.

Now, after years of experience of mountain and road biking, I know that the right thing to do is to leave my dozens of T-shirts in the closet and to wear a biking jersey because they are specifically made to do the job.

First of all, they are made from special materials that wick away sweat. This means that the sweat from your body will transfer to the outside of your jersey, where it can evaporate.

Not only will biking jerseys help you stay cool on hot days, but they will also help you stay warm on cold days. Your body will remain dry even though mountain biking causes you to work up a sweat!

Styles of Biking Jerseys

Cycling jerseys come in many different styles and it’s easy to get sidetracked by color, but the most important thing to consider is your own comfort. Be sure to choose a jersey that is crafted from fabric with excellent wicking properties.

Cycling Jerseys

If your body doesn’t cool down properly while you are biking, you may wind up in ill health. My suggestion to you is to consider Coolmax is a popular fabric known for its wicking properties and its comfortable feel.

You should also consider the climate where you will be riding – you may find yourself wearing short-sleeved biking jerseys (or even sleeveless cycling jersey) during the warm months of the year, and long sleeve cycling jersey during colder months.

Alternatively, during cold months you could opt for short-sleeved jerseys and the use of arm warmers that can be worn or removed when you deem necessary.

There are also women’s cycling jersey, men’s cycling jersey, wool cycling jersey, and even custom cycling jersey you can order for yourself, or for your group!

Wearing Cycling Jerseys in Montenegro

My friends are wearing custom cycling jerseys
while biking in Montenegro

Find Cycling Jerseys That Fit Properly

Cycling jerseys are comprised of fabric panels that have been sewn together. The fabric should offer some stretch for ease of movement while riding.

Women’s Cycling Jerseys

Women should not be tempted to purchase men’s biking jerseys in a smaller size because women’s jerseys are designed to fit a woman’s body: they are tapered at the waist and are wider at the hips and breast areas.

Mountain Biking vs. Road Biking Jerseys

Some Cycling Jerseys are very snug while others appear baggier. Mountain biking jerseys are typically looser fitting than jerseys worn during competitive racing, but the fit is actually up to your preferences.

Biking Jerseys with Zippers?

You might have noticed that some cycling jerseys pull down over your head while others have zippers down the front. Zippers provide ease in putting the jerseys on and offer the ability to regulate your temperature while you ride.

Buying Cycling Jerseys Online

If you are interested in buying cycling jerseys online, you are invited to take a look at these trusted online stores:

Cycling Jerseys
Cycling Jerseys
Cycling Jerseys

Short-Sleeved Biking Jerseys

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Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys

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Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

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Wool Cycling Jerseys

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Custom Cycling Jerseys

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Last Word On Cycling Jerseys

Whichever Cycling Jerseys you wind up purchasing, remember that they need to wick away moisture and fit your body properly, allowing your body the ability to stay cool and remain comfortable.

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