bicycle touring in europe

Bicycle touring in Europe is my favorite cycling activities. Many countries in Europe are bicycle-friendly, and it is relatively very safe and easy to plan and execute a successful bicycle tour in Europe.

Tip: Be prepared for all weather

Bicycle Touring in Europe

If you’re planning a cycling vacation that spans several countries, you’re likely to experience several different weather conditions over the course of your trip as Europe’s weather is incredibly diverse and unpredictable.

If you cycle in Northern countries like Belgium and Holland, the weather can still be chilly in summer and spring and you’ll probably need a windbreaker at minimum.

As you move south, the weather becomes hotter (sometimes unbearably so, especially in summer) and you should pack plenty of sunscreen.

Why do I say that bicycle touring in Europe is the perfect vacation? Because it’s beautiful, rewarding, inexpensive, active and easy!.

In addition, Europeans are very friendly, and meeting friendly people while you tour is one of the most rewarding, exciting experiences of bicycle touring trip. You can get to know the native European people in a relaxed and personal way. You also have the chance to experience the culture in first-hand, including the food, which is fantastic.

Of course, you still need to do your research, and you need to be prepared for traveling by bicycle, so read ahead to determine if bicycle tour Europe is your next dream vacation.

My Bicycle Touring In Europe

I was lucky to have the chance visit many European cities and countries while riding on a bicycle. This includes Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Cyprus, Montenegro, Slovenia, Rome and more. Take a look at some of my bicycle tours in Europe:

Rhine River

Each ride was (as usual) spectacular and special, but the one that was beyond my imagination was our Rhine River tour on bicycles.

Planning Your Bicycle Touring In Europe

Before you start your European cycling journey, there are some pre-departure preparations to be made, and some questions to be asked. Here are some of them:

Exclusive, or Mixed Travel?

When you’re planning a bicycle tour in Europe, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Do you want to travel exclusively by bicycle, or would you prefer to mix bicycle traveling with automobiles, trains, etc? Most of this depends on how much you want to see, how far you want to travel, and how much time you have to do you’re traveling.

If this is your first bicycle tour in Europe, you may want to consider a combo method of travel, coordinated by a professional, and determine from that experience whether you would like more or less riding on your next trip.

Travel on Your Own or With a Group?

This issue is very personal. I don’t like to travel alone, but also not with a big group. A group of two or three really good friends is the best way to travel in Europe, and elsewhere. Bicycle touring in Europe with a group or guided tour is a much different experience than traveling on your own or with a partner. When you travel solo with a bicycle, you have the chance to meet the people of Europe.

City or Countryside?

While you are on vacation, what type of excitement are you looking for? If you love fancy hotels, city lights, and a hopping nightlife, city biking is jest for you, and there are many exiting cities to visit in Europe. If you’re interested in seeing the quieter side of Europe, which is rarely seen, if you want to breathe the fresh mountain air, and hear the birds singing, then bicycle touring in the countryside is for you! It provides an amazing, exciting experience that no other vacation can provide.

Get Ready For The Long Ride

Prepare Yourself

Before embarking on a long touring vacation in Europe, make sure you truly enjoy taking long, weighted-down rides. The usual European biking tour travels about 40 miles per day, so make sure you’re ready for that much biking. Take some practice rides before you go, or maybe even a weekend riding trip. Read the article about bicycle training. Also, be aware, you need experience regarding bicycle repair when things like flat tires and broken spokes happen.

Prepare Your Bicycle & Accessories

In Europe there are many bicycle-friendly cities, such as Amsterdam, Zurich and Frankfurt. For shorter trips I find it much easier to rent a bicycle: it is a great way to go also if you’re going to be mixing your travel with trains and automobiles. For longer trips, I prefer riding on my own bicycle. For a successful bicycle tour in europe there are many other issue you need to think about in advance, such as cycling clothes, special cycling equipment, maps, personal documents, repair kit and so on. For more information you are invited to visit my page about bicycle touring preparation.

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Bicycle Touring in Europe

Bicycle Touring In Europe – On YouTube

Take a look at this short movie about bicycle touring in Europe:


The best vacations I have ever taken have been bicycle tours, especially bicycle touring in Europe. It’s like no vacation you’ll ever encounter. It’s the perfect mix of fun, excitement, activity, fresh air, and experience. In addition, you’ll encounter the most beautiful scenery you have ever experienced in your life. If bicycle touring in Europe sounds like a vacation for you, get educated, get experience, and make sure you pack your camera because you’re about to undertake one of the greatest adventures of your life!