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Winter Riding Gear
Winter Riding Gear
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Winter Riding Gear
Winter Riding Gear
Winter Riding Gear
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Selected Winter Cycling Gear

While cycling is largely associated with summer seasons, cycling during winter has become increasingly popular for those who need to commute all year round using their bikes, individuals who are keen on sticking to their fitness plan and those who train competitively. It doesn’t matter what type of cycling you love to engage to, it is important to come fully protected and ready to take on the cold winter snow or ice. With the right winter bicycling gear, you can still look forward to enjoying your favorite sport or hobby all year long.

Pointers On Layering

When it comes to the basics of winter riding gear, what you choose to wear can make a significant difference on your riding experience. A bit of layering is always advisable to keep your body protected from the intense cold and maintain a certain level of comfort. Here are some important tips:

Shirts Are Big No-No

Wearing a shirt as part of your winter riding gear can be quite lethal. Cotton for one is your worst enemy when it comes to combating the cold and wet weather. This is because while it has the ability to absorb sweat, it retains the moisture, leaving your shirt and skin wet. This allows the body heat to pass right through, which can easily leave you highly vulnerable to hypothermia.

Layering Essentials

While we all know that cold weather riding gear includes shorts and jerseys, there are a number of additional items that you need to include in your layering during winter:

Base Layer

This is the layer material that is worn right next to the body and under a cycling jersey and is available in wide variety of thickness. A thin layer made of moisture-wicking fabric can help seal in warmth. You can choose one with a longer back to fully protect the back.

Mid Layer

This layer is where your winter jersey comes in. Your choice of jersey can vary depending on certain conditions. There are a number of options you can consider in terms of thickness, fabric and sleeve length, among others. If you are concerned with convenience and ventilation, a full zipped jersey is highly recommended.

Outer shell

For maximum coverage, consider investing in a good quality thin waterproof jacket as an addition to your winter riding gear. Among the most popular fabrics today include Gore-Tex and eVent.

Did you know…?

Winter Riding Gear

Did you know that wearing a cotton shirt inside your winter riding gear when going for your ride in the snow can be dangerous?

You will become susceptible to hypothermia when the shirt becomes soggy with your sweat and makes you lose body heat when you most need it.

Selected Winter Riding Gear

Aside from crossing out winter cycling shoes and layers on your list, here is a guide on the top 5 critically important items that you need to include in your winter bicycling gear:

Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Gel Full Finger Glove

Winter Riding Gear

Gloves make all the difference in winter – ask any cyclist who’s had to go without them. These gloves from Planet Bike offer excellent warmth and dexterity, so you won’t have to take your gloves off to open a Power Bar, make a call, or even tend to some quick mechanical repairs.

Fingertip grips keep your hands ready and useful. This important piece of cold weather cycling gear is also complete with full wrist coverage, keeping your hands not just warm, but also dry, while reflective lining helps keep you visible on snowy nights.

Gore Men’s Contest 2.0 WindstopperActive Shell Jacket

Winter Riding Gear

When it comes to your protective winter cycling gear, a lightweight waterproof jacket is a must. Featuring Gore Text stretch inserts for the arms and back. It also comes with a zipped stow pocket at the back as well as adjustable cuffs. The brand features its patented ventilation system complete with mesh inset on the front zipper.

Funkier Bike Men’s Winter Microfleece Pants

Winter Riding Gear

If you want to ensure your safety and comfort when cycling during winter, you need to invest in a winter specific skin pants that offer maximum protection and coverage. The skin pants are made of 20% Spandex and 80% Nylon.

Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Shoe Cover

Winter Riding Gear

Cyclists invest a lot of money in their shoes, so keeping these investments safe during the winter months is a huge priority. Even the best biking shoes can get damaged amid the slush and snow of winter, but a cycling shoe cover serves as a shield from winter’s wrath. Anatomically designed, these covers fit over your sneakers to give you warmth and protection, as well as added life to your bicycling shoes. Those who are commuting by bicycle to work can have their dress shoes locked away underneath, not having anyone be the wiser that you powered your way to work on a bike – even in the snow.

Neck And Face Warmer

Winter Riding Gear

When cycling during winter season, your face will also require protection from the cold. For this reason, a face warmer should be included in your winter riding gear. Made with 100% polyester, this face cover is equipped with the patented Wind stopper soft shell membrane to effectively protect the neck and face. It features an opening for the nose along with additional holes for the mouth. For added comfort, it comes with Velcro width adjustment on the back along with a reflective logo for enhanced visibility.

Carhartt Cold Weather Boot Sock

Winter Riding Gear

The last thing a cyclist needs are cold feet. These thermal, merino wool socks will keep your feet, ankles, and calves insulated in sub-degree temperatures, maintaining working heat and combating winter’s moisture. Like all of iZumi’s cold weather cycling gear these socks are dependable, easy to wash, and even mark which sock goes on which foot to guarantee the best possible fit.

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Where to Buy Winter Riding Gear?

If you are interested in buying winter riding gear you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Winter Riding Gear
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Winter Riding Gear
Winter Riding Gear
Winter Riding Gear

Last Word about Winter Riding Gear

Winter cycling jackets are not enough to compete with the chill of winter. A complete cyclist has complete gear, knowing that preparation is half the battle. By having appropriate cold weather riding gear, you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you.

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