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Bicycle lights are an essential safety equipment. Life is too precious, and lights are too cheap not to have them on your bike / cycling backpack / helmet. Proper bicycle lights used in combination with bright cycling clothes as well as other bicycle safety equipment and safe riding practices may prevent accidents.

Be Seen!

Types Of Bicycle Lights

Front Bicycle Light

Bicycle LED Lights

Cyclists who only occasionally ride at night may want to choose an inexpensive LED front light and rear flashers. If you do a lot of night riding, in areas that are poorly lit, you may want to consider a brighter front light to illuminate the area in front of your bicycle better. A great choice for a bright front light is the CatEye Volt 700 & 800 Headlight. This bicycle light keeps your path well lit with 3 LED lamps for enhanced visibility and illumination. These LED lights offer 100 hours of runtime with only 2 AA batteries.

Rear Bicycle Light

Bicycle LED Lights

Rear bicycle lights are important safety feature. Most of them are super bright, and they provide visibility for up to a long rage. In most cases they include flashing and steady modes with a long runtime, and they’re easy to mount, lightweight and durable. Some of them have rechargeable batteries, while others might include AA batteries. Take a look at these rear lights available online.

What Type of Bicycle Light Do I Need?

Lights used for the purpose of being seen can be mounted on your helmet, your bike, or worn on your backpack or clothes.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Lights

Did you know that many bicycle lights come with a “blink mode”?

In this mode, the lights will switch on and off continuously, helping you to stand out from other light sources in the area such as street lamps and house lights.

With the “blink mode” feature activated, motorists will be able to spot you more easily at night.

Many of the bicycle safety lights available are now led lights, and thus brighter than they ever have been before. This translates into you being seen on the road at night! They also come with a mounting bracket or clamp to affix the light to your bike.

Furthermore, many lights can also be easily removed from your bike by way of a quick release mechanism. This prevents a would-be thief from easily removing your light instead.

When riding with other riders, or where you expect to find other riders, remember to also wear bicycle reflectors and a rear light so that you aren’t surprised by a panting rider crashing into you! Here are a few different types of bicycle safety lights available that have passed the test by seasoned commuters:

Did you know…?

Bicycle LED Lights

Did you know that flashing bicycle LED lights are banned in some countries like Germany?

Although flashing LED lights are especially handy for night riding as they significantly increase visibility, you may be better off with a regular “steady” LED bicycle light like the great lights presented here. Otherwise, you may end up with a fine.

Suggested Bicycle Head Lights

3 LED Bicycle Light with Quick Cam Bracket Mount

Bicycle LED Lights

This bike head light generates extreme illumination and prolonged battery life, making it an ideal lamp for those who still have far to travel after sunset. With three ultra-white LEDs visible up to 3,000 feet and 100 light, it is no wonder this is one of the most popular bicycle safety lights on the market.

In addition to superior strength, it also attaches easily and runs on two AA batteries, so it is easy to keep road lit. This light is also designed by PlanetBike, which is the leading manufacturer of environmentally friend bicycle gear, making this light good for you and the earth under your feet.

Planet Bike Blaze 2 Watt LED Headlight

Bicycle LED Lights

This is a small bike head light that produces a big effect, blanketing the path in front of you with clear visibility. Given its tiny size, many cyclers are surprised by the strength and scope of its rays, a testament to the big power behind this tiny bulb.

Surface irregularities will be clearly illuminated with this light’s awesome candlepower, and the Super Flash setting is strong enough to compel vehicles to pull over in case you are ever in distress. This is an ideal bicycle safety light.

CatEye Econom Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

Bicycle LED Lights

Mountain biking at night is one of the biggest rushes you can experience, but there’s no question about it – you’re going to need a more powerful lighting system.

When purchasing a light for your mountain bike the price may be more expensive. But when you’re on the trail, you cannot afford not to see obstacles. Lighting system brightness is usually measured in lumens or watts. When trying to find a good light, look for at least 3 watts, or 300 lumens.

The CatEye Econom Bicycle Headlight has a strong light that can last, when using rechargeable or standard batteries, between 7 hours (in high light mode) and up to 80 hours (in flashing mode)!

Tip: Head lights are very important in wet weather as well.

Bicycle Head Lights

It’s a curious misconception that head lights should only be used at night. Even in the daytime, wet weather greatly increases the risk of accidents. That’s why you should always turn your head lights on when it’s raining, snowing or hailing heavily. This ensures other road-users are aware of your presence.

Where to Buy Bicycle Head Lights?

If you are interested in buying bicycle head lights you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Last Word about Bicycle Head Lights

There is no excuse for biking in the dark. Even if you’re a late nightrider, shed some light on your path with one of these leading head bicycle lights and make the world and yourself visible. If you wish to expand your knowledge about the subject, you are invited to visit my page about bicycle lights.