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Bicycle Rain Gear
Bicycle Rain Gear
Cycling Rain Gear

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Even though I make sure to read the forecast before I head out for a bike ride, I’ve realized that the weather can change at the drop of a hat.

bicycle rain gear

On more than one occasion, I’ve been caught in a downpour while out on my bike. If you’re going to be riding regularly, it’s a good idea to get yourself some bicycle rain gear so you can continue your bicycle riding through wet weather.

Some bikers have been known to wear homemade raincoats crafted from trash bags with holes cut for their head and arms, and other bikers try to get by with cape-like rain ponchos. These things will certainly keep the rain out in a pinch, but you’ll wind up sweaty underneath all of the flapping plastic.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of cycling clothes understand the importance of proper bike-riding rain gear, and there are plenty of reliable products on the market today what will keep you dry as you ride in the rain.

Bicycle Rain Gear Fabrics

Cycling rain gear are made of one of these fabrics:

  • PVC cycling rain gear: The PVC is completely waterproof, but its strenth is also its weakness: it can’t breathe unless there are special ventilation holes.
  • Coated rain gear: These are made of polyester or nylon, and they are not waterproofed. The up side with coated rain gear is that they are softer than PVC rain gear.
  • Laminated / Gores rain gear: Laminates combines the pros of the above two fabrics: They are waterproof almost as the PVC rain gear, but light and soft almost as much as the coated rain gear. I like to use them. If it heavily rains I can always wear my PVC rain gear on top.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

In order for bicycle rain gear to be considered waterproof, it has to meed two requirements. I should be made from waterproof fabrics, and it should be sealed. This what makes waterprof clothes more expensive, but bikers agree that it is worth the extra cost.

A water-resistant bicycle rain gear is made from fabric that a water-resistant coating was applied to it. While this is enough during a light drizzle, it might not be enough for heavy, steady rain.

Conclusion: if you are looking for the best protection in rain, choose waterproof cycling rain gear over water-resistant rain gear.

Did you know…?

Cycling Rain Gear

Did you know that in rainy weather, what you wear on the inside is just as important as what you wear on the outside?

If you’ve got a good rain jacket on but are wearing cotton clothing inside, your cotton clothing will soon be soaked through with sweat, leaving you cold and miserable. In wet weather, staying dry means staying warm. Make sure you are wearing moisture-wicking, quick-drying clothing underneath your rain gear or your expensive weatherproof clothing will soon be rendered useless.

Bicycle Rain Gear Products

Now that you know a bit about materials and the differences between waterproof and water-resistant items, I’d like to provide a list of the most common rain gear products that you’ll probably want to get:

  • Biking Rain Jacket: Most people wear some type of waterproof rain jacket on their upper body. A hooded jacket is a good idea because the hood can fit over or under your helmet.
  • Biking Rain Pants: Biking rain pants are often available to match biking rain jackets, and they will keep you cool and dry as you pedal in the rain. Choose a pair that will easily slip over your regular clothing. (Read more about bicycling shorts.)
  • Waterproof Helmet Cover: If your rain jacket does not have a hood, you may want to invest in a helmet cover, which slips over your bike helmet like a shower cap.(Read more about biker head gear.)
  • Gloves: Your hands will get cold while riding in the wind and rain, but you don’t want to lose control of the brakes. A pair of wool gloves is an easy way to help deal with the problem. (Read more about bicycling gloves.)
  • Socks: Waterproof socks are available, and so are waterproof booties that provide warmth and protection to your feet. (Read more about bicycling socks.)

Did you know…?

Bicycle Rain Gear

It is important to keep your knees covered during cold and wet cycling days. This ensures that your knees are warm so that blood circulation to the limbs is not interfered with. Whatever bicycle rain gear you choose should ensure this.

Where to Buy Cycling Rain Gear?

If you are interested in buying cycling rain gear you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Cycling Rain Gear
Cycling Rain Gear
Cycling Rain Gear

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