Skip the lazy vacation where you do nothing but eat and lay on a beach. Explore new land while cycling abroad and indulge in culture while on two wheels and surrounded by good friends. What can be better?!

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Day Cycling Abroad

Over Day Cycling Abroad

Why Cycling Abroad

For many avid cyclists, bicycle riding is a way of life, and they prefer to ride their bikes on local trails at the break of dawn or just for fun to enjoy a mid-day trip. Bicycling is not just fun, it is relaxing, and it provides you with all the health benefits that can keep you fit while protecting the environment as well.

Cycling abroad is another story altogether. Day trips in international cities, or long distance – multiple days touring trips, alone or with your close friends, are among the most enjoyable sports activities. Exploring foreign lands, cultures, and peoples from the height of your handlebar, while enjoying the freedom of controlling your schedule is a higher level of enjoyment.

Did You Know…

Cycling Abroad

Did you know cycling is considered a three-in-one exercise?

It improves mental focus, strengthens and tones muscles, and improves the cardiovascular system. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve optimal health.

After so many years of cycling abroad I have a lot of experience with international bicycle touring, day trips and multiple days touring cycling trips, in and around major cities and as well as cross-country trips. Let me share with you some of my cycling trips, and maybe even offer you or even help you plan your next cycling trip abroad.

On this website, you can find stories of bicycle tours of all kinds. Some of them are guided, and some are self-guided. I love them all!

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“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of bike riding”
John F. Kennedy